Environmental Award For Atlantic Cup

The 2016 Atlantic Cup was one of the most awaited events. It was Class 40s event with a 3-stage 1045 nm. This event has been lauded for its commitment to keep the environment pollution-free. This race was the first to get an ISO 20121 certificate in 2016. Moreover, it was awarded, Platinum Level Clean Regattas Certification. This certification was offered by the Sailors for the Sea.

As far as the Atlantic Cup is concerned, one can say that it’s a unique event in terms of execution and concept. They showed the world that we can conduct an environmentally responsible event if want. The best thing about this achievement is that you will be setting benchmarks, which others will be following.

The basic idea behind ISO 20121 is to improve the sustainability of management systems. This standard came into existence before the London 2012 Olympics, and has been promoted by Plainsailing.com, who specialise in Scottish Bareboat charter.

As far as ISO 20121 Standard is concerned, it provides a detailed layout for a management system. The idea is to help these management systems to reduce environmental footprint. This standard helps the organizations to be more socially responsible. Besides maintaining the viability of the event, the organizers have to think about their responsibility towards the environment as well.

Atlantic Cup has been consistently doing well when it comes to this standard. They have won it 5 times so far, including the latest win. There are 25 practices outlined in this standard. You will get a Platinum Level certificate only when you have scored well in all 25 practices.

Atlantic Cup is not a simple race. Therefore, tracking the sustainability has never been easy. The mobile nature of the race contributes to it. They have land based events as well as offshore racing and that makes it hard to track. The organizers had to struggle a lot to keep up with the internal goals they have been pursuing.