Sailing Convention For Women Will Take Place In Feb

The Sailing Convention for Women 2018 will take place on 3rd February at the Yacht Club Bahia Corinthian in Corona del Mar, CA.

The day long, series for ladies-only contestants of shore-and-boat-based workshops offer the sailors from beginners to experts a welcoming environment, here they can come and learn about all sailing topics.

Gail Hine, the convention creator/director, said, “This convention will give an opportunity to the women to meet other women sailors. On this platform, they can come and discuss the various options of sailing, racing, day sailing, and cruising. Moreover, at the platform, they would also be able to find out more the present women’s sailing organizations in their area along with the instructional programs available here for them.,” “Here, we have something worth and meaningful for everyone. The sailors here will get everything that they are looking for. The sailors will get all kinds of support here, beginners will hear from the experienced sailors.”

“The sailors will get a lot of fun and experience here.” Hine further added this.  

The instructors of the course are all the top women sailors coming from all over the Southern California and many of whom are Licensed Captains of USCG. Workshops include: Welcome Aboard for beginners, Going Up the Mast, Diesels, Introduction to Power Boating, Docking, Race Tactics, Suddenly Singlehanded, Sail Trim, Weather, Basic Navigation, Maintenance Mania, Electronic Navigation, DIY Canvas Projects, Navigation and Nighttime Sailing, How to Heave a Line,  Winch Workshop, Offshore Cruising, Spinnaker Rigging and Introduction to Sailing.

Deneen Taylor is the featured speaker at dinner; she is an Aerospace Engineer for International Space Station Program NASA’s. A certified SCUBA diver and lifelong sailor.

All the preparation with regards to the hosting of the event has been done and it will be a great convention.