Sailing Is Revolutionized Yet Again

If you have ever wondered the pace at which sailing is improving with the day, you have to imagine the pace to be at its best. SailGP is one such tournament which is being headed by the businessman of Oracle, Larry Ellison, and Sir Russell who is known to be the most successful man of the helm in the history of the American Cup. The first season of the SailGP is set to commence in the year 2019, and the founders cum leaders are extremely excited to see this as a sport that could change the course of sailing forever.

The main purpose of this new form of sailing is to cater to the modern audience who do not have much watch time. That is where the traditional sailing has been falling since one has to sit for hours together to complete the race for the day. The SailGP tournament will bring in races that will be much shorter than the original races and will promise much more excitement as well. It is a product that aims to be broadcasted to all the audience around the world who are hungry for content relating to sailing.

Coutts has to be the right man to push this project because he is an Olympic champion in sailing and also the world champion for 12 times and has also been awarded the prestigious Sailor of the Year award twice.

Coutts went on to say further that the aim behind this thing is to provide a sport that will be consistently engaging for the audience all throughout the year and this will be the means to convert sailing to a sport that is full of professionalism and excitement. There will be teams from as many as seven countries that will compete in the inaugural edition.