Story Of Rescued Women

The story of two women, Fuiava and Appel having been lost at sea for about five months has been all over international news channels. They were found by a fishing vessel last week, after which they were rescued by the US Navy. By then they had drifted from the waters of Hawaii where they had sailed originally, to southeast of Japan, about 900 miles in a drifting conditions.

There have been raised queries as to why the registered emergency beacon on board their vessel had not been activated. The beacon had been found to be in working condition. The women sailors explained that they were trying to reach a safe haven by themselves, as their boat was still seaworthy. However, they were discovered by a fishing vessel of Taiwanese origin. The towing process however damaged their boat further and they had to send out a mayday call to a US Navy ship that was nearby.

Many are curious to know how their five month survival journey had been. Indeed, they had faced several storms, were attacked by sharks as well as seeingthe breakdown of communication devices, mast and their boat engine as well. The radio telephone and hand radio being impaired as well as their satellite phone on board, they were stranded on board without communication options. However, they managed to dry food which they had on board as well as water purifiers that provided them drinking water. One of the women, Fuiava had little experience and knowhow about sailing that also added to the dilemma. As per their story, they had set out on May 3rd from Hawaii and the first night they encountered a violent storm which lasted about three days. The Honolulu weather reports do not showcase any storm reports around that time.