Rescue Operation On For Pavant

For Kito de Pavant met with an accident during the Vendee Globe championship and now rescue team is there to help him and take out him and his crew member out of the water safely.

According reports, Pavant during Vendee Globe training sat comfortably in 10th place, other boats were several hundred miles away in all directions.

All of sudden Pavant noticed something has hit his boat. After inspecting he came to know the object has hit hard by boat and had destroyed boat’s keel housing, it ripped off the boat’s keel mountings. After the damage hydraulic keel ram was only supported for the appendage.

Pavant witnessed significant injection of water inside the boat that extended up to the engine compartment. He immediately called the rescue team for help.  Direction of Race is working in close coordination with MRCC authorities and organizing the rescue plan. The team of MRCC is in contact with the Marion Dufresne. At the time of incident reporting; the vessel had an ETA and now as the daylight will come back it will try to rescue skipper.

Globe Safety Director of Vendee, Alain Gautier, said “The operation is not easy; still the rescue team will take best effort to take out Pavant and other crew members of the ship safely. It would be convenient for the rescue team to conduct the operation in during the day time as by the time they will reach to point it will be dark. However, it is all up to rescue team and they will take the best decision in favor of Pavant.”

It is being nearly 48 hours Pavant is struggling with water at sea. Hope the rescue team reaches to point and safely take him out of water. This is not the first time Pavant has encountered this situation, this has happened earlier as well.