Storm Strikes the Bayview Mackinac Race

About 60 out of 202 boats had yet to finish in the 95th edition of the annual Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race. Still, the overall winner of the race has already been recognized on the Cove Island course. Santa Cruz 70 Stripes, owned by Bill Martin, reached the top position out of 107 boats on his 259 nm course. It was corrected out over another, Equation, which is a Santa Cruz 70. It is owned by Tom Anderson and Bill Alcott. They finished the race in the second position at a gap of just two minutes.

Bill Martin finished the race before 10 pm at night. It was known that Bill turned in an elapsed time of 32:09:33. According to a statement made by Martin, there were a lot of things involved within the race. There was a bit of running, reaching on time, a nasty storm, and most importantly a lot of beating as well. He said a heavy storm threw in on the very first day of the race. It included torrential rain with winds more than 30 knots. Bill is the proud owner of 51 races under his sailing belt.
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At the Race of Tortola Round the Record Was Set

The year of 2019 BVI Regatta Spring and Festival of Sailing got in progress the situation for 53 Bieker and Fujin which are outstandingly record-breaking in present sailboat possessed and was trained by Slyngstad Greg, to secure the challenge of Nanny Cay with the quickest slipped by time.

Sailing with a similar group of eight who as of late won the 600Caribbean, captain Fujin proprietor Greg Slyngstad remarked, “The present race was one reason we turned out the climate conditions looked great to strive for the success. Schnell Mach was assertive our firm, it was a great deal of fun, and we’ve hustled against Triple Jack.
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Sailing Is Revolutionized Yet Again

If you have ever wondered the pace at which sailing is improving with the day, you have to imagine the pace to be at its best. SailGP is one such tournament which is being headed by the businessman of Oracle, Larry Ellison, and Sir Russell who is known to be the most successful man of the helm in the history of the American Cup. The first season of the SailGP is set to commence in the year 2019, and the founders cum leaders are extremely excited to see this as a sport that could change the course of sailing forever.

The main purpose of this new form of sailing is to cater to the modern audience who do not have much watch time. That is where the traditional sailing has been falling since one has to sit for hours together to complete the race for the day. The SailGP tournament will bring in races that will be much shorter than the original races and will promise much more excitement as well. It is a product that aims to be broadcasted to all the audience around the world who are hungry for content relating to sailing.
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Britain’s duo of Ben Saxton and Katie Dabson has won the Nacra 17 World Championship. The pair defeated fierce rivals Fernando Echavarri and Tara Pacheco in the final race of the tournament. The British team began the final race with a four point lead and came secondin the medal race to secure the overall title.

The Spanish contingent’s third place finish took them to overall second place. The Italian team represented by RuggeroTita and CaterinaBanti placed third overall, ahead of the New Zealand side that had Jason Sauners and Gemma Jones. Paul Kohlhoff and AlicaStuhlemmer finished overall fifth, despite winning the medal race.
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Story Of Rescued Women

The story of two women, Fuiava and Appel having been lost at sea for about five months has been all over international news channels. They were found by a fishing vessel last week, after which they were rescued by the US Navy. By then they had drifted from the waters of Hawaii where they had sailed originally, to southeast of Japan, about 900 miles in a drifting conditions.

There have been raised queries as to why the registered emergency beacon on board their vessel had not been activated. The beacon had been found to be in working condition. The women sailors explained that they were trying to reach a safe haven by themselves, as their boat was still seaworthy. However, they were discovered by a fishing vessel of Taiwanese origin. The towing process however damaged their boat further and they had to send out a mayday call to a US Navy ship that was nearby.

Many are curious to know how their five month survival journey had been. Indeed, they had faced several storms, were attacked by sharks as well as seeingthe breakdown of communication devices, mast and their boat engine as well. The radio telephone and hand radio being impaired as well as their satellite phone on board, they were stranded on board without communication options. However, they managed to dry food which they had on board as well as water purifiers that provided them drinking water. One of the women, Fuiava had little experience and knowhow about sailing that also added to the dilemma. As per their story, they had set out on May 3rd from Hawaii and the first night they encountered a violent storm which lasted about three days. The Honolulu weather reports do not showcase any storm reports around that time.

Sailing Convention For Women Will Take Place In Feb

The Sailing Convention for Women 2018 will take place on 3rd February at the Yacht Club Bahia Corinthian in Corona del Mar, CA.

The day long, series for ladies-only contestants of shore-and-boat-based workshops offer the sailors from beginners to experts a welcoming environment, here they can come and learn about all sailing topics.

Gail Hine, the convention creator/director, said, “This convention will give an opportunity to the women to meet other women sailors. On this platform, they can come and discuss the various options of sailing, racing, day sailing, and cruising. Moreover, at the platform, they would also be able to find out more the present women’s sailing organizations in their area along with the instructional programs available here for them.,” “Here, we have something worth and meaningful for everyone. The sailors here will get everything that they are looking for. The sailors will get all kinds of support here, beginners will hear from the experienced sailors.”

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First Day Races Act 2 Extreme Sailing

As Act 2 of Extreme Sailing Series took off on 28th April at Qingdao, the first day saw the Team Extreme and others get onto an exciting start.

This Olympic sailing city of China saw the tournament start off well despite the fact that the venue is known for the conflicting weather conditions that can have sudden changes will often catch the sailors off guard. There was a classic example set on the opening day itself of the tournament that is being known as the Mazarin Cup. The seven international crew ships hit the water when the wind was up a couple of knots which delayed the start of the race by about two hours.

It seemed that the race director John Craig was about to give up on their hopes of having a successful racing day when the weather gods seemed to have woken up and a 15 knot wind was delivered on the race course that was designed around the Fushan Bay. Continue reading First Day Races Act 2 Extreme Sailing

Rescue Operation On For Pavant

For Kito de Pavant met with an accident during the Vendee Globe championship and now rescue team is there to help him and take out him and his crew member out of the water safely.

According reports, Pavant during Vendee Globe training sat comfortably in 10th place, other boats were several hundred miles away in all directions.

All of sudden Pavant noticed something has hit his boat. After inspecting he came to know the object has hit hard by boat and had destroyed boat’s keel housing, it ripped off the boat’s keel mountings. After the damage hydraulic keel ram was only supported for the appendage.

Pavant witnessed significant injection of water inside the boat that extended up to the engine compartment. He immediately called the rescue team for help.  Direction of Race is working in close coordination with MRCC authorities and organizing the rescue plan. The team of MRCC is in contact with the Marion Dufresne. At the time of incident reporting; the vessel had an ETA and now as the daylight will come back it will try to rescue skipper. Continue reading Rescue Operation On For Pavant

Sail Auckland Regatta to be hosted by Murrays Bay

One week from this day, the brand new appearance from Murrays Bay Sailing Club would come alive with the first day of racing at Oceanbridge Sail Auckland Regatta 2016.

The North Shore club that officially started the operation of their new club house back in September in 2015, is playing host to New Zealand’s premier Olympic as well as Invited classes meet. Racing goes on for more than 4 days from 25th to 28th February.
The entry list carries few of the NZL Sailing Team’s rock stars like Gemma Jones, who constitutes the hosting Murrays Bay Sailing Club, as well as her Nacra 17 multihull sailing partner Jason Saunders from Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club clean from World Champs competition in Clearwater, Florida. They would sail against the Aon Fast Track Squad pair Olivia Mackay as well as Micah Wilkinson who was the top under-23 crew in Clearwater.
At the Sailing World Cup Miami in January, there were 4 Kiwi sailors in Laser medal race making it tough for live commentators to distinguish that New Zealander they were seeing in a race where no other country had over one sailor. Out of the two top New Zealand Sailing Team’s Laser campaigners – Sam Meech and Andy Maloney – are set to go head to head at the Oceanbridge Sail Auckland 2016, with a lot more New Zealand Laser sailors taking this scope to battle against their elite group of compatriots.
Oceanbridge Sail Auckland’s Laser fleet attracts international sailors regularly and in 2016, is not an exception with entrants from Australia, Finland, Korea, China, Singapore as well as the Cook Islands in town as well as around to get a taste of the kiwi contest and the Hauraki Gulf track.

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